12 05 2010

We had a good run…

25 08 2011

Hey Hunghunghui here…for the last time, sadly.

  As you may have noticed I have slowly become more inactive over the last year.

I started off posting almost 5 times a day with Club Penguin news pretty much 24/7. Then I only posted once a day, then every other day, then every week, two weeks; You see where this is going… I had a good time and I really learned a lot about designing graphics, HTML5 and everything that had to do with blogging. I have sharpened up my skills even more but I am using them for different things now. I still log in to Club Penguin from time to time but not that often. As this is my last post, I will give you a little background on my Club Penguin blogging history. I started off on this site back in ’08 when CP cheat blogs were just starting. I didn’t know what to expect as far as viewers and content standards. I remember that all the cp blogs then weren’t like now, no graphics and all that, it was just basic blogs with basic content. I ran this site for a year and changed my domain to Hunghunghui.com. I got tons of views while I had that domain. Once my domain rain out, I called this Hcpn.wordpress.com (like it is now). Hcpn stood for Hunghunghui’s game help. A famous penguin (who I cant recall their their name, how embarrasing) recognized me and gave me and my blog a shoutout. He invited me to start posting on his blog and of course I accepted right away (who wouldn’t?) I made my opening post about my blogging background and all that. The fans seemed to like me and for a while everything went great. He also added another friend of his to the team who’s name was Spikeike9. All three of us were just great, possibly best in class then. We were gaining views by the thousands. I remember we got 30,000 views in 10 days. It was ridiculous! If you searched ‘Club Penguin Cheats’ or something of that nature, we were 1st or 2nd in the search results. I even got an email from Lane Merrifield (Founder and CEO of CP) himself complimenting on how good of a job we were doing. As things progressed the other two admins started to slack off on the up-to-date content and to keep everything up-to-date, I had to start posting more and doing their jobs. Eventually, I started posting pretty much everything and eventually I think they were expecting me to. I remember wasting all of my vacation to Florida on my dad’s laptop posting because they all expected me to do it. I even made a post to the other two authors that I was going to be inactive for 2 weeks. I later made a post when I got home that I regretted making. I made a post talking down to the other two admins that they were lazy pieces of **** and the next time I log in, guess what I am kicked from the site and they all of a sudden make a post in response to mine that was full of lies… but whatever, greed got the best of us. I lost all of my viewers on this site because of it and I really have had nothing since then. I am still friends with Spikeike9 because he really had nothing to do with anything and it was all in the doing of the site owner who pretty much used me for fame. I am not going to delete the site just because there is a lot of real good content on it. Browse through some of it and comment. I will still be able to read your comments because I get all of my updates through email. You can still enter for a free membership. I am not picking a winner until I have at least 50 legitimate guesses. Also, make sure you visit Hyehi.webs.com for more great content! If you still want to get in touch with me, you can add me on Xbox Live. My gamertag is M40A3 Phurion. Thank you for supporting me and I hope you have a good and successful life.

Peace, for the last time,

~Hunghunghui 8)

Play Cp In Fullscreen!

12 09 2010

Hey Hunghunghui here!!

  I hope you guys are having a good school year so far, I know I am!

Well, I was bored and decided to design something. You can now play cp on The Club Penguin Dashboard!
(Actually two ways, on the homepage and this cool new way…)

On the homepage, you will find a Club Penguin window that isnt that big. If you want a bigger and better window, then click here!!

See ya!

~Hunghunghui 8)

Rockhopper Tracker September 2010

3 09 2010

Hey Hunghunghui here!!

The Rockhopper Tracker September 2010 is finally here and is a great tool, The Rockhopper Tracker September 2010 is here to help you find Rockhopper in Club Penguin. Recently, Rockhopper has returned to Club Penguin and it is believed that he is here to hangout with us during the Fair!   Rockhopper will be waddling through Club Penguin giving away his very rare and exclusive Rockhopper Background! This background is ONLY available when Rockhopper is here! Along with that, You’ll receive a special stamp when you are in the same room with Rockhopper! Use the Rockhopper tracker by clicking here!!

Tell me About Rockhopper!

Rockhopper is an adventuring penguin. He sails the seas in his ship, the Migrator, in search of treasure and adventure. He returns to Club Penguin approximately every two months with items to sell. When he’s in Club Penguin, his ship is docked at the Beach, next to the Lighthouse. You can board the ship and visit the Main Deck and the Hold.


    Here are some tips for finding Rockhopper:

    • When looking for Rockhopper keep in mind that Rockhopper is a RED penguin with a BLACK pirates Captain hat, and a BLACK beard.
  • Chances are, Rockhopper will be surrounded by a LARGE crowd of penguins if you’re looking for him in the middle of the day. If your on a server and you randomly see a big crowd – Check to see if Rockhopper is there! If you can’t see him, Check the “Users In Room” List.
  • Rockhopper likes to appear on busy servers like Frozen, Blizzard, Mammoth, Alpine, and Yeti. During the day Rockhopper will be on popular server and at night he will be on quiet servers.
  • Rockhopper is online 14 hours a day. Each day that his ship is at the Beach – Then you know that Rockhopper is out and about, waddling around the island giving out a free autographed background.
  • The rooms that Rockhopper is usually found in are : Dock, Snow Forts, Pizza Parlor, Forest, Cove, Beach, Migrator, Crows Nest, or the Captains Quarters. Sometimes you might be able to find him in the town when just logging in.
  • Rockhopper can be seen on more then 1 server at a time. A lot of times – Rockhopper is on 2 servers, sometimes even 3!
  • Rockhopper will switch servers every 15 minutes… Finding him takes some patience but you will find him!
  • Use our tracker and tracking chat to find Rockhopper as quickly as possible. I guarantee that if you use my Tracker or Tracking chat you will find Rockhopper quickly… Don’t loose hope – You will find him, I have faith in you!
~Hunghunghui 8)

Cp Fair 2010 Mini Game Guides + Cheats!

3 09 2010

Hey Hunghunghui here!!  


The Club Penguin Fair 2010 is now here! It is so cool and is one of my top favorite parties! I love this party so much! It’s fun and simple – All you do is play games and earn tickets. With those tickets you can go to Prizes Booths and unlock cool items!    

Club Penguin Fair Mini Game Guides!

I am going to quickly show you guys all the Games that are at the fair and how to play them! After all, The key to the party is knowing how to play these games correctly so you get tons of tickets and unlock cool items.  

https://i1.wp.com/i53.tinypic.com/2dhxonm.jpg  Game: Puffle Shuffle  Location: Dock  

How to Play: Different colored puffles are placed under a hat. The hats are moved around and the player must guess which hat the puffle the player is prompted to find is in.


https://i1.wp.com/i53.tinypic.com/2ikzlsp.png  Game: Feed-a-Puffle  Location: The Cove  

How to Play: Players must shoot Puffle O’s in to the mouths of the puffles that come out of holes. Do it quickly, before the puffle closes its mouth. The Purple puffle earns the most tickets.


https://i0.wp.com/i52.tinypic.com/avsftg.png  Game: Puffle Soaker  Location: Arcade Circle  

How to Play: Squirt puffle targets to earn tickets, and duck when something is thrown at you. Don’t throw at any Penguins!


https://i0.wp.com/i55.tinypic.com/1z6wf1z.png  Game: Balloon Pop  Location: Arcade Circle  

How to Play: Use a fan to move a hot air balloon into targets that would pop and release tickets if they hit the surrounding wall of cactus. Be Careful!   



https://i0.wp.com/i55.tinypic.com/dc6cxy.png  Game: Puffle Paddle  Location:Forest  

How to Play: Keep puffles in the air using a table tennis paddle. Keeping the same puffle in the air increases the player’s score. The longer you go – The more puffles you paddle.    

https://i2.wp.com/i54.tinypic.com/2r709hw.png  Game: Memory Game  Location: Beach  

How to Play: Players must find matching cards in the fewest amount of tries to earn the most tickets… The quicker you go the more you win!    

https://i1.wp.com/i51.tinypic.com/24q31h3.png  Game: Ring The Bell  Location: Dock  

How to Play: Hit the target with a hammer to test your strength. Tickets ranged from 5 for making an effort to 25 tickets for “amazing strength”. 


 https://i2.wp.com/i25.tinypic.com/103fn2h.png **Make sure you spend all of your tickets before logging off!** 

Once you have played all of these games, You can take a visit to a Prize Booth and unlock some cool free items with your tickets! These items are really rare because they are only available when the Fair is here!    

Club Penguin Fair Prize Booths!

There are two Prize Booths. The Prize Booth for everyone is in the Forest. There is also a Prize Booth in the members only room – The Great Puffle Circus. Check them out!  




Wow! You guys better start collecting some tickets because these prizes are so awesome and they aren’t going to be around for long! Don’t forget that when you sign out – Not only will your penguin disappear, but so will your tickets – So spend them when you are online! With all of this Club Penguin Fair madness, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite thing at the Club Penguin Fair 2010 is!   

Forest Prize Booth (For Everyone!)


The Great Puffle Circus (Members Only!)

Club Penguin Fair Members Only Rooms!

Wow! There is a really cool new room for Members only like last Fall Fair 2009! It’s tons of fun, It’s called the Great Puffle Circus!    


And let’s take a look inside…    




 Wow! You guys better start collecting some tickets because these prizes are so awesome and they aren’t going to be around for long! Don’t forget that when you sign out – Not only will your penguin disappear, but so will your tickets – So spend them when you are online! With all of this Club Penguin Fair madness, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite thing at the Club Penguin Fair 2010 is!

 ~Hunghunghui 8)  

Second site up and running!

2 09 2010

Hey Hunghunghui here!!

  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been so busy! I probably won’t be posting for a while again until I get settled into school. Well, I have came up with a logo and fixed all the pages on my second website!

(Click the banner to go to The Club Penguin Dashboard)

I will be posting the Fall Fair cheats, but I will not be posting as much.

See you guys!

~Hunghunghui 8)

Field-Ops glitch!

12 07 2010

Hey Hunghunghui here!!

  I was on clubpenguin the second they released the new field-op and they didn’t have it comletely released yet and heres what it looked like:

It’s not an edit. The reason I haven’t posting lately is I am now working on http://cpdocks.wordpress.com and I will be posting more frequently there. I have also added some new widgets on hcpn! Check them out!

~Hunghunghui 8)

My First Coloring Page!!

11 07 2010

Hey Hunghunghui here!!

  I have been working on a coloring page all day today and it’s finally finished and I have to say it’s probably the best coloring page I have ever made! Heres the finished product:

(Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

How to download:

  • Click the thumbnail
  • Click “Print This Colouring Page”
  • Select your printer and the quantity of pages
  • Click “Print”

Make sure you send the coloured pages to me! You might get a little surprise!!

~Hunghunghui 8)